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Chinese Penmanship Calligraphy Tool, Inkstick

Four Treasures of the Studyʸ˼ (Wenfang Sibao) is an expression used to refer to the ink brush ɮ, inkstick , paper and inkstone . They are not only the essential tool for Chinese Calligraphy, but also play important role to Chinese Painting and Decoration.

The Three Star Gods, ʡ are the gods of happiness, rank and longevity respectively. These gods are the most important and popular symbolic gods. They are seldome worshipped. The Chinese believe that merely having their form within the house can attract the good fortune that they signify.

Fuk (ʡ), the happiness and wealth god, sometimes called Fu-Hsing, is always placed in the center. Favors are asked of him on the twentieth day of the seventh lunar month. He holds a gold ingot.

The Three Star Gods are found in the dining rooms or living rooms of almost every Chinese home around the world. Depictions of them are used widely in feng shui.

Chinese Penmanship Calligraphy Tool, Inkstick (08032203)

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