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Practical Copybook for Chinese Calligraphy


Practice your Chinese Calligraphy using this Calligraphy templates. These templates are commonly used in Chinese school for students' learning.


Methods that I used to improve my calligraphy.


Method 1


At the very beginning, trace over the example books until one day the characters are similar to what the examples look like, then move on to method 2.


Method 2


Start to copy the same example books side by side until the strokes and size are similar to the examples.


Method 3


Memorize the characters and practice without looking at the sample books until the strokes and the form of the characters are similar to the examples.


Each person will advance at different speed and various levels. It depends on the understanding of how to practice and the amount of time spent.


Practical Copybook for Chinese Calligraphy(07090202)


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